Grafton High School PTSA

Next After-Prom Meeting

Thursday 23rd March 6:00pm in GHS Cafeteria

10 Weeks until After Prom!!!

The next meeting for parents is Thursday 23rd March at 6:00pm in the cafeteria.  Please note the change in date and time!!

We still need a Chair for Casino and for Volunteers.

Thank you to all the students and parents who turned up to wash cars last Saturday and those of you who got your cars washed.  The final total raised was $869.82.  Let’s try and beat that at our next one in May.


Dyan Chestnut who is the Food Chair needs parent volunteers.  It is time to start connecting with local businesses either by phone calls or visits to ask them for donations of food.  Dyan has a list of businesses who generously donate each year but she cannot make all the calls herself.  Please contact Dyan if you can spare any time to help get this Committee underway and to ensure there will be enough food to feed the hungry students and their guests.


Sign up on-line to volunteer on the night of by clicking on the following link

Dates to Remember:

  • 25th March – Mr. Grafton Pageant in Auditorium 7:00pm
  • 13th April – Sweet Frog fundraiser 3:00pm-10:00pm
  • 20th April – Senior Assembly in Auditorium during 2AB classes
  • 24th April – Outback Dinner in GHS Cafeteria 5:30pm-7:00pm
  • 29th April – 5K Run at Grafton Complex 9:00am
  • 29th April – Plaza Azteca Fundraiser at Yorktown restaurant
  • 7th May – Car Wash at One Stop Auto 12:00pm-3:00pm
  • 15th – 19th May – After Prom Ticket Sales during lunches
  • 27th May – Prom at Marriott in City Center 8:00pm-11:00pm
  • 28th May – After Prom at YMCA 12:00am -4:00am



5K RUN Tina Hoffmann 757-652-4634

Patti Cubstead 757-817-4586


CHECK IN/CHECK OUT Kelly Zagursky 757-672-4241

Shannon Davie 757-879-7593

DECORATIONS Julie Martin 757-303-9858

ENTERTAINMENT Susan Heard 757-771-7617

FOOD Dyan Chestnut 229-364-2017

FUNDRAISING Kim Parker 757-897-6601

Amy Guyer 757-814-8004

LOGISTICS Keith Zagursky 757-503-6173

Wynn Davie 757-660-7725

MR. GRAFTON Martha Owens 757-879-1943



Claudia Hoyes 757-652-8922


SOLICITATIONS David Allen 757-619-8145

TICKET SALES & ASSEMBLY Janet Schramel 757-867-3014





Red & Blue Crew

Grafton Students and Faculty, our next Red & Blue Crew Event is Friday 17th March when we will be handing out brownies to all PTSA Staff and Student members. If you forget your card don’t worry as we can check your name against our membership list. Encourage a friend who is not currently a member to join, they’ll get their brownie too!! They just need to complete a form and bring $6.00.

See you on the 17th March!!

Teacher of the Month!

Thank you Mrs. Ericsson, Staff Member of the Month for March

I've been a school counselor for 12 years, this is my 10th at Grafton HS! Many of my students know that I went to college, the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut majoring in physical therapy. My junior year, I took a course called, "Brain and Behavior" and I was instantly hooked! I changed my major to psychology and added a minor in secondary education. Immediately after graduating with my BA, I was offered employment with the admissions office at the University of Hartford.

Through that position, I traveled meeting with
various high schools talking to counselors, students, and parents about the college. I started the masters in school counseling program that spring and after 3 years including a full year unpaid internship I graduated with my masters degree. Now here I am, 12 years later and I enjoy driving to work each day. Grafton teachers, students, and parents are simply the best! Outside of GHS, I'm the wife of a police officer and a mom of two little girls; Brooke, age 7 and in 2nd grade and Lindsey, age 5 and in pre-school. They keep me very busy outside of school! We live in Williamsburg where we enjoy doing things as a family.

Jennifer Ericsson

Grafton PTSA

At Grafton, not only are we one of the Top High Schools in the United States (Newsweek and Washington Post), we have a very active and very supportive PTSA. Our motto says it all—Where Parents, Teachers, and STUDENTS are ONE! The question is: Are YOU ONE?! For the price of 1 cup of coffee, for 1 day, in 1 year, you can be! So do it—click on JOIN button ! GHS’ PTSA has many programs and many activities that benefit you. Look at our programs tab to the left as well as the 100’s of other resources here for your use. News and announcements will be posted here each MONDAY. Volunteer here – Become a Member here – Research here – or just click on Contacts and let us know what you need or what we can provide.