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Welcome to the Monday Message for the Grafton High School 2016/2017 school year!


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Jan 3 – A Day (Tuesday)

Jan 13 – Red & Blue Crew in the Cafeteria

Jan 16 – Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday – Schools & Offices Closed

Jan 21 – SAT Testing






Jan 4 – Varsity Wrestling Quad @ 5:00 p.m., Warhill High School

Jan 4 – Boys Basketball vs. Jamestown @ 5:30/7:00 p.m., Grafton High School

Jan 5 – Girls Basketball vs. Jamestown @ 5:30/7:00 p.m., Jamestown High School

Jan 6 – Varsity Wrestling Invitational @ 3:00 p.m., Chantilly High School

Jan 6 – Boys Basketball vs. Smithfield @ 5:30/7:00 p.m., Grafton High School

Jan 7 – Varsity Wrestling Invitational @ 9:00 a.m., Chantilly High School

Jan 7 – Girls Basketball vs. Smithfield @ 5:30/7:00 p.m., Smithfield High School


* Information for GHS sports is obtained from the Bay Rivers District site at:






  York County School Division – The York County School Division recently held a community information session to help educate our community on the Medical Aspects of Adolescent Sleep Research.  That session was recorded and is now available on YouTube and rebroadcast on YCSD-TV.  If the link to YouTube doesn’t work then the video is available on the York County website under Adolescent Sleep Patterns Research.

We will keep you informed of any future meetings that are planned.


Here are some tips to help your teen get the sleep he or she needs: 

  • Encourage them to make sleep a priority just like exercise and nutrition for proper health and development.
  • Discuss age-appropriate schedules for you and your family and work to maintain them. Set a good example.
  • Talk to them about the importance of sleep and the consequences of sleep deprivation.
  • Help them keep a regular bed and wake time during the week.
  • Restrict the use of sleep-disturbing products such as coffee or energy drinks. Consuming caffeine late in the day can disturb sleep many hours later.
  • Look for signs of sleep deprivation including difficulty waking in the morning, irritability and daytime sleepiness.
  • Create a home environment that will promote sleep close to bedtime. For instance, keep lights dim in the evening and set limits on television watching, computer use and video games late at night.
  • Encourage your children to keep a sleep diary for two weeks and share it with you to get a better sense of their sleep habits and any alertness issues.
  • Talk to your teenager about the dangers of driving while sleepy and explain that it’s just as serious as drinking and driving.
  • Consult a sleep specialist if you think your child may have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea.

Should teens be encouraged to nap? Many teens nap when they come home from school or whenever they get a chance.  For some, napping can make up for lost sleep or restore alertness.  This effect, however, has limits and caution should be taken particularly if a teen will be driving at night.  Napping can be useful as long as it does not result in later bed times and reduced sleep overall.

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Kroger Fundraising

Thanks to all our families who have registered their Kroger card for the Community Rewards Program.  Between 9-1-16 and 11-30-16 the 30 households who have signed up contributed $512.28 by shopping at Kroger.  This money will go directly into the programs that the PTSA supports at Grafton High School such as Senior Scholarships, Hospitality and Red & Blue Crew to name just a few.

If you shop at Kroger and haven’t registered to support the PTSA via the Community Rewards Program, click on the link below which will take you to our website page that has the instructions on how to be a part of this.



​ 2017 Citizenship Essay Project

DEADLINE:  February 1, 2017 

Virginia PTA is proud to sponsor the 2017 Citizenship Essay Project, with the theme “We the people…why vote?”  This essay project allows students to express their views and opinions on character or citizenship.  Virginia PTA is committed to promoting a sense of citizenship and responsibility in the lives of our children—tomorrow’s leaders.

Who Can Enter? – All Virginia students in grades K – 12 presently enrolled in schools with active PTA/PTSAunits in Good Standing.  A PTA in Good Standing is one who has paid state and national dues by December 1, and whose bylaws are current, having been revised within the past five (5) years.  The Special Writer Division is non-graded and limited to students whose physical, cognitive, or mental health challenges meet ADA guidelines.  Qualifying students entering this division create their own essay but may receive non-artistic accommodation and assistance from an adult.

Criteria:  Students in grades 9 – 12 must write a minimum of 750 words, typed and double-spaced with Times New Roman 12 Font and 1” margins.

Special Writers may submit entries typed or handwritten.

In all categories, adherence to the theme, originality, clarity, thought, and skill in standard written English will be judged.

The theme must be used as the essay title and cannot be changed or altered in any way.

Awards – Winners in each age group are notified and will be honored at an awards ceremony in the spring.  First place winners are forwarded to the State level for judging.

Questions?  Send essays and completed applications to your District Chair for district judging at 100 Leanne Court Yorktown, VA 23692.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Peninsula District PTA Citizenship Essay Chair, Laurel Garrelts, at or 757-817-1103.

Please see the attached Citizenship Essay Form and Rules.





GABC Volunteers

The fall season is over and I want to thank all parents that helped out with concessions for cheer, field hockey, football, and volleyball.

The winter season games will be starting up soon and we will need help with concessions for both Boys and Girls Varsity and JV Basketball games.  Don’t forget when you sign up to work concessions you get into the games

for free on that night.  The link to sign up is:

Remember 100% of all profits made at the games goes back into the athletics for tournaments, equipment, banquets etc.

If you have any question you can contact Tricia O’Grady at

Thanks again for your support!

GABC Membership

Interested in supporting Grafton’s Sports Activities?  Consider joining the GABC for only $10.00.  You may be wondering where the money goes.  All of your $10.00 returns back to the athletes in equipment for each sport as well as hosting the end of the season banquet.  Senior recognition is also supported by the booster club, along with scholarships.  Look for the GABC table at Open House and Back to School Night to join and check out our website for more information and news.






  GHS PTSA has a Facebook Page!!!  Search for Grafton High School PTSA the next time you’re on Facebook.  We’ll try to keep you up to date the new old fashioned way!!  Please share the page with your friends and family.

Did you know the school has a Facebook page too?  Search for Grafton Clippers.  This page is updated by the school and has lots of info that may not make it home via your student!!





Parents – did you know that YCSD students have access to a wide variety of online educational resources, both at school and at home, to support their academic success?  Tools such as Homework Help/Office 365/Power School and Hot Math.  You can have access to all these tools too, just sign in to the portal using your student’s username and password.  The website is:

Be sure to check out the student portal!

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